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Answers toFrequent questions


How much time does the production of an industrial machine take on average?

The production time depends upon the machine.
For medium sized machines, the delivery time is estimated between 2 and 3 months.
For large machines, the delivery time is estimated between 6 and 8 months.


How many continuous checks are performed on a yearly basis?

In order to ensure the well-functioning of our machines, a preventive maintenance must take place once a year for maintenance machines and twice a year for production machines.


Do you deliver companies outside the Benelux zone?
If yes, how much time does it take between the delivery and the installation?

The due dates are the same for European, African, Moroccan and other companies.
The only difference is transportation and clearance.


What solutions do you offer for custom-made machines?

During the production, we use the latest technologies and innovations available. So as to guarantee reliable machines, we only collaborate with well-known brands such as SCHNEIDER, REXROTH, YUKEN, ABB, DELTA and others.


What are your references in terms of quality certifications?

Every single machine is provided with compliance and quality certifications.
Custom-made models are accompanied by a report written by a control organism such as VINCOTTE, SGS…


Do your warrantees cover all types of damages?
For how much time do they stay valid?

The warrantee lasts one year.
The following are not covered:
– Electric components and engines
– Cutting tools
– Lamps and bulbs


Concretely, how can your expertise help us develop our company?

Our team of developers follows the market’s evolutions.
This guarantees the client a modern and performing installation, which results in time and cost saving.


The machines are maintained according to which standards?
And on which models?

We follow the regulations of each country.
In Europe they are managed by the DIN norms.


Is it possible to apply the newest technologies on an older model?

For most machines, a retrofit is applicable.
An installation exam will be followed by a feasibility study.
The client will decide afterwards.


What do you suggest in terms of security and protection?

As importer and partner of REPAR2, the Italian manufacturer of safety devices, we dispose of the know-how in terms of the compliance of wood, metal, aluminum and other machines.
Our expert team analyzes the installations and suggests to you efficient and durable solutions.